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ProxyBox VPN  

ProxyBox combines a VPN with a WiFi router to make surfing regional content as easy as switching access points. No setup required… Just plug it in and you’re good to go. Learn more…

Ninja Smoke  

harbour3_2toneDirect secure encrypted peer-to-peer text and file sharing in a mobile app (iOS/Android). Learn more…


Monitor and control your grow over a direct, secure and private connection. Learn more…


Peer to peer without the fear


Every connection between your device and another gets its own set of keys known only to those two devices. Industry standard encryption protects your data as it zips from your device directly to the intended recipient.  No servers in the middle mean lightning quick exchanges, with no prying eyes. Rest assured, your message will reach the intended recipient and no one else.  Share files between your own devices and with people you trust easily, with no restrictions on file size or number of files. Direct Peer-To-Peer connections and encryption mean safe transmissions and real privacy.