A death in the family

Sorry for the melodramatic title there, but it almost feels that way when you lose a plant you’ve cared for it’s whole short little life. I have no idea what happened– one day it was a happy recent transplant to the bloom zone, the next evening when the light came on it was dead. Just dead. I’m told this happens by all my grower friends, just not TO any of my grower friends apparently. Harrumph.

The grobot continues to make my job (hobby? pass time? obsession?) easier and more enlightening. Now that I have over a month of data, I can actually see the trends over time. I can actually witness the interaction between the central air heating system, the outside temp, lights turning on and off… I feel like I’m connected to the whole thing in a deep and intentional way. When I show it off to people they are uniformly impressed, and when I show it to growers they want one. I feel like these KnowESys cats might really be on to something big here!

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