A full house

Well almost full– two of my cuttings haven’t rooted at all yet, the other six are happily getting taller in the other bucket. I picked up 6 more cuttings from my buddy the other day, so now I’m two plants shy of a full house. Although if those last two from the first round don’t show some initiative promptly, I may have to cut them. Literally. BWAHAHAHA!

My friends over at KnowESys came through for me again!

BY THE WAY: I know I’m blogging this on their site, and the whole point is to share my experience as a first time grower using their products, but I have to emphasize that they don’t censor me at all. In fact, they encourage me to be brutally honest, because apparently the readers (you folks) like the brutal stuff. You monsters!

Anyway, the nice people over at KnowESys hooked me up with a pH probe and a fluid level sensor. Now instead of pulling off the lid and displacing the plants (or as I subsequently learned, using a long ladle and displacing at most one plant), I just pull out my phone and it tells me: 6.1 pH BOOM!

I had to calibrate both sensors, which was only slightly easier than it sounds. Basically, the way calibration works is you put the sensor into two “known” states and then it can use those reference values to figure out what any other value is for that sensor. So, for the pH probe I dunked it in 7.0 pH solution and entered “7.0”, then I dunked it in 4.0 pH solution and entered “4.0”. I told the app that the minimum pH is 0 and the max is 14, and presto it was calibrated. Similarly, with the fluid level sensor, I set the empty bucket reading to 0 and then added six inches of fluid. Easy enough setup, really.

But, WOW! Once I had it set up, I couldn’t figure out how I made it nearly A WHOLE MONTH without it! I never have to wonder about pH or fluid level anymore. I have an app for that!

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