And then there were plants

So I have a small bedroom in the house with no outside walls (hence, no windows) and a dropped ceiling. It’s small and we’ve used it for storage for years, so I figured it would be the perfect spot for an indoor grow! I tarped over the entire floor with enough of a lip running up the walls that even if there’s a pretty serious spill it won’t damage the floor. I took out the dropped ceiling and now there’s a full 8 foot clearance.

I’ve dedicated the corner around the closet to be the grow zone and the rest of the room will be the bloom zone. I picked up a roll of that heavy-duty 10 foot wide plastic sheeting from the gardening section of the hardware store, and used it to create a light barrier between the two zones. Very effective!

So in the corner all by themselves in my little makeshift cloning bucket under my little 200 W lamp, are eight perfect little cuttings. Let’s see if I can manage to not kill them for a while!

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