Communication is Key

As a mother, you always want to protect your child from harm. Whether it is physical to emotional harm you want to shield your child from any and all potential threats. As the digital world continues to expand, these threats can enter into your homes through multiple channels on a daily basis. It is important to take the steps necessary to educate yourself and your children about online safety. Be proactive. Become familiar with the apps, devices, and games that are popular among young children and teens. Do your research. The more that you know the better you can inform your children about potential threats and how to be smart and safe online. Communicate. It is so important to have an open relationship with your children. Let them know that you are there to talk and that they don’t have to be nervous to come to you with questions. I recently watched a video, How To Make A Teenager Talk To You by Linda Breneman and she had a very creative way to get her children to open up and talk to her. She learned how to play the video games that they were interested in. Through this shared experience a whole new channel of communication was opened. Maybe video games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but getting to know what your children are interested in is very important. Shared experiences create the opportunity to bond and be more involved in your children’s life, they might even open to you. The more you know, the better you can protect your child.

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