Halfway through first bloom

Hard to believe some of these plants have been in the bloom phase for nearly a month. I’m told this variety needs just about two full months to complete its bloom cycle. One of these plants is a good six inches taller than all the rest– not sure what I’ll do if it gets much bigger! I’ve already had to stabilize nearly all of the plants by loosely affixing them to the trellis with fuzzy pipe cleaners. I sure am glad I built the trellis up a good three feet over the top over the hydro system! I’ve been spacing them every other slot to give each plant a little more room, but that cuts my capacity from 21 to 10. And we’ve got 6 already with more on the way. Looks like I either need to expand or slow down! The moms are getting big too, and I really should be taking cuttings from them more often to keep them in check. Anybody need some cuttings?

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