Hurry up and wait, part II

So apparently, there’s a lot of waiting around involved with this growing indoors thing. Am I too impatient? On the other hand, I am already getting tired of checking pH and PPM every day. And I don’t even know what to make of the readings because the pH really seems all over the board and I don’t want to mess up and overcompensate like I did that first time. A couple drops here and there seems to be working. The plants haven’t died at any rate. They actually seem a little taller! PPM seems OK. If the plants are drinking anything, I can’t tell by the fluid level, which I also check every day. I think it’s time to talk with the KnowESys folks again and see if we can take my setup to the next level. I’m ready for some automation!

Oh, and we’re gonna need a bigger light.

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