Hydro Setup 2.0

OK, true to my word, this week’s post is about the new system I designed and built.

First off, I should point out that there’s nothing wrong with my cloning and early vegetative growth systems. You can’t really beat a plain old bucket with a pump inside attached to a rotary sprayer and eight to twelve 2″ cup holes in the lid. I’m making just one small change which is a feature I borrowed from the new bloom system design…

So the new system… I already leaked that it was inspired by the commercial “WaterFarm” product, which is a drip-ring clay-pellet bucket-based system. So that’s where I started.

At first, I went with square buckets too. They’re a little harder to source than the round ones, but we’ve got a bunch of empty square cat litter buckets that are virtually identical in size and shape. Once you get the lid off, they stack well and all, but I just wasn’t thrilled with it. Just a smidge too tall when stacked like that and I wasn’t sure there was enough room for the size root mass I want to grow. SO… Round buckets it is!

Just get a standard hardware store 5 gallon bucket (no lid) and put a standard nursery or grow store 4 gallon pot inside it. They fit together so well, it’s almost like it was designed that way on purpose (spoiler, it was). Similarly, drop a 3 gallon pot inside the 4 gallon pot and you’ve got a beautiful drip bucket system on your hands for under 10 bucks. Just add a $15 peristaltic pump, a little 6mm OD rubber tubing and a drip ring and you’re good to go! One of the nice folks over at KnowESys even designed a 3D-printable drip ring for me. He promised to post the files on Thingiverse and I asked him to include the full bucket design, so I’ll pass that info on to you just as soon as it’s available!

I haven’t implemented the reservoir-linking-circulation-system yet, but watch this blog for details as I do!

As promised, here are the 3D-printable-drip-ring files:

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