Meanwhile, back at HQ…

Not too much new to report as my elder plants near their final stages and my younger plants recover from tragedy, so I thought I’d head back to KnowESys HQ for some inspiration and for some copy with which to fill my customary Saturday morning blog post…

Dean: Welcome back!

Marc: You look older and wiser!

Me: Thanks. I am at least one of those things.

Dean: So we’re dying to know… How’s the grow going? Have the grobot and the add-ons we set you up with been useful?

Me: Useful? No. Indispensable. Seriously, how did anyone ever grow before you could just know what’s going on in the plants’ environment? Precisely. Over time. This is huge.

Marc: Well, we killed a lot of plants.


Dean: Which is why we built the Cyborgro platform. 10 years ago this level of automation and control was only available at an industrial scale and it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Me: Well, I don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars but I sure am glad I have a grobot! I just wish It could have prevented “user error.” I mixed up a toxic batch of nutes and killed my entire grow bucket overnight.

Marc: We’re working on it.


And I find that oddly reassuring. ‘Till next week!

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