Moving to monthly

Sorry folks, but I’ve been growing so much I have little time to blog these days. And honestly, the system practically takes care of everything between cloner and harvest, but setup and takedown are a fair bit of work. Trying to get to more of a pipeline where the buckets stay in place and the plants cycle in and out, but that’s easier said than done! In any case, I have less to report and less time to do it in, so I’ll be scaling back my posts to once a month for now.

This months amazing insight? Bucket-shaped bulkheads.

You too can print 16 bucket-shaped bulkheads in just 24 hours!

You too can print 16 bucket-shaped bulkheads in just 24 hours!

What are bucket-shaped bulkheads? They are a convenient way to attach hoses to buckets, which is crucial when making a circulation system for your grow. I have two attached to each bucket and the buckets are in a big chain with an extra bucket for my fluid level sensor and pH probe. On one of the tubes coming out of each bucket, I attached an inline valve, which makes adding new buckets into the chain pretty easy. The reservoir/sensor bucket has a valve on both hoses and I alternate which one I close when I add nutrient solution to force circulation in alternating directions. That will have to serve as a proxy for a circulation system for now until I can figure out how to create a steady directional flow through automation.

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