Oasis Secure Gaming Network

Today’s blog I will be focusing on the benefits of Oasis Secure Gaming Network. As I mentioned in my first post I have two young children that enjoy playing Minecraft and cyberbullying is a major threat in all multiplayer games. Griefers and trolls are present in Minecraft and I wanted to find a way to keep my children safe from these online predators. Children put in a lot of time and effort into their Minecraft creations and just one person can destroy everything they built. If a griefer obtains your IP address they can get onto your server and do whatever they want once they get past your security. This idea of griefers hijacking my children’s creations upset me and made me want to find a way to prevent that from ever happening. Then Oasis came into my life. Oasis makes it “Toaster Simple” for your children to share their games and talk with their friends, while keeping them safe and secure behind their firewall. Using cutting-edge Peer-To-Peer technology and industry standard encryption, Oasis allows players to connect their computer safely and securely with other gamers they know and trust. Oasis gives me the peace of mind that my children are safe from the griefers and trolls that prey on these online games. With Oasis I know that my children are safe to continue to use their imaginations to create and play without worrying that someone will come along and destroy their hard work.

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