Over-engineering FTW!

I am very impressed with the dosing pumps from KnowESys. Well, the pumps themselves are pretty standard little units you can get cheaper just about anywhere really, but I love the dashboard control through the Ninja Smoke app on my phone. I just tell it how much liquid to dispense (6 ml or 2 tsp or 0.1 gallons, whatever!), tap a button on my phone and the almighty grobot dispenses that exact amount. Pretty nifty!

Ninja Smoke - Dosing Pump

Ninja Smoke – Dosing Pump

So I figured, I would be equally impressed with this next innovation from KnowESys: The power switch.

The power switch is just an 18″ power cord with a relay in the middle that you can run a wire to from your grobot and turn things on and off through Ninja Smoke on your phone. So I replaced the physical timer on my main Bloom lamp with a virtual timer on the grobot. Long story short it does exactly the same thing but now I can log it. Which I already could because the grobot has a light sensor and I moved the grobot into the bloom zone weeks ago. So maybe this just isn’t the best application of the technology. I think the power switch might be more useful with larger pumps or space heaters than as a fixed cycle light timer. It sure does demo well, though. There’s something about being able to turn the lamp on remotely and showing someone how the camera slowly starts to reveal your grow as the light slowly powers up… pretty cool!

Ninja Smoke - Control Panel

Ninja Smoke – Control Panel

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