Splitting up the family and preparing for bloom

I have made the executive decision to take my two strongest looking plants and turn them into moms so I don’t need to keep copping clones from my buddy. I picked up some sterile dirt and just dropped the plants into some 8″ pots. First day they were a little droopy, but a couple days in they look OK. We’ll see how they do!

I’ve replaced the 200W light with a 400W metal halide. Looking at the graph of the last week’s temperature on the grobot, I can see exactly when I plugged that thing in, because the temp in my grow zone shot up from 70F to 80F literally overnight. We’re gonna need some fans!

Speaking of fans, if that 400W drove up my grow rooms temp that much, imagine what that 1000W HPS my buddy unloaded on me for cheap is going to do to the temps!

Also, speaking of graphs, I can see now why my pH readings were “all over the place” when I was doing it by hand. The pH is extremely sensitive to temperature. If you compare the temperature graph to the ph graph you can see exactly how they correlate with a slight lag. Same with humidity, it’s really cool! In any case the plants also change the pH as they extract nutrients from the solution. With my plants, the pH seems to start out high and then slowly “walk” steadily downward over the course of a day. Once, it actually went from 6.5 down to 5.5 TWICE in one day! No wonder my sporadic manual readings were all over the place! Taken out of context they seemed totally random, but being able to graph it out and look at it over different periods of time really helps me make sense of it all.  I’m getting better at timing my pH adjustments so that I don’t get notifications from my grobot in the middle of the night anymore!

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