The circle of life

Holy cow! This week I moved three more plants into the bloom zone for a total of four! These plants are growing an inch a day, easy! I do hope they slow down– any taller than four foot and we’re going to be getting a little too close to the light.

I’m trying to get into a cycle of replacing each plant I move from grow to bloom by moving another plant from cloner to grow and then taking a fresh cutting. It’s a little tricky because my moms are still pretty young.

I’ve picked up another pH probe and fluid level sensor for my grobot, so I can get the same info on my dashboard for both zones. The folks over at KnowESys also set me up with pH-up dosing pump for my grow bucket, which is far more volatile than my bloom reservoir. I think I’ll pick up another dosing pump for bloom eventually, but I really only need to adjust it when I add solution so it’s not really an issue. Sure is handy for the grow bucket though! Other than occasionally transferring plants, taking cuttings, tapping a button on my phone to pH-balance my grow bucket and periodically refilling reservoirs, the system pretty much just takes care of itself! Awesome!

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