Watching nothing happen on CCTV

Well, I was warned that cloning is slow and that nothing happens for at least a week. It’s been a week, and guess what? That’s right, nothing happened. So to temper my impatience, I headed over to KnowESys HQ to discuss my early impressions with Dean and Marc:


Dean: So I hear you have your grow room all decked out and your first cuttings are rooting?

Me: Ummm, presumably yes.

Marc: Presumably?

Me: Well, they look exactly the same. Are you sure they’re supposed to look exactly the same?

Dean: Yes. That’s actually the best case. They’re not yellowing or drooping. They’re not dead. One week in if they don’t look pretty much the same you’re doing it wrong.

Marc: They’re pretty forgiving at this stage, though. Just keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t get too hot or too cold. Are you using any nutrient solution?

Me: No, not yet. Just plain water.

Dean: You might see some slight yellowing by week two, but some growers claim the roots push out faster when they don’t find the nutrients they’s looking for.

Marc: Have you installed your grobot yet?

Me: Ummm, no.

Dean: OK, check this out… (Takes me over to the “Official Grobot Demonstration Station” at the other end of KnowESys HQ) This is the mounting bracket (Holds up a mounting bracket). Two screws mount it to the wall. You drop the bot into the bracket, point it in the direction of your plants and plug it in. That’s it.

Me: Isn’t there some computer-y mumbo jumbo to perform with dark magic incantations to recite? I’m excited to try this thing out, but I’m a little intimidated.

Marc: Don’t be. To set it up, just plug in a network cable and run the Ninja Smoke app on your phone. Your grobot will show up as available, just tap it, enter the username and password we sent you and you’re connected! Once connected, just tap the “seup wifi” button and enter your network ID and wifi password and you’re good to go!



So that’s what I did. Now I can watch my plants do nothing from the comfort of my living room.

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