We’ve got root, we’ve got ROOT!

After nearly two weeks of fretting that my plants were never going to take off, I’ve spotted the first tiny little root. Just a quarter of an inch but white and healthy looking! Little white nubs have formed on some of the other cuttings as well. Four of the eight have nothing at all, though. Am I doing this right?

The grobot has actually been super fun to play with and show off to friends. I can see how this thing could be useful once I have more than just a bucket with cuttings sitting there not doing much of anything at all!

First off, I can be at the grow shop, whip out my phone and show off my cuttings, and that’s cool. I have the grobot up close to the bucket for now, so the picture’s cropped and you can’t tell that’s the whole grow, LOL! He knows, though, since he’s the same guy that sold me the stuff in the first place. Still, his eyes got pretty wide when he saw the Cyborgro dashboard with the camera, temperature, humidity, motion and light displayed and the 24 hour graphs, etc. When I told him there was no server in the middle and that my phone was talking directly to the grobot with end-to-end encryption, he asked me if he could sell them in the store! I pointed him to this website and dropped some names to use if he gets in contact.

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