Where to start?

A close friend has promised me some cuttings, but I don’t even have anything to put them in! Time to get cracking!!!

First up, a cloning bucket. But what kind? I decided that for my first cloner, I would go with a standard round 5 gallon bucket from the local hardware store. I also picked up a 317 GPH pump from the pet store, some 1/2″ PVC and a PVC coupling from the hardware store and one of those spinny-sprayer thingies from the grow shop to act as the mechanical innards of my bucket. Also at the grow shop: 200W grow lamp, 3-part nutrient solution, 2″ net pots and 2″ neoprene disks. And about eight bottles of various solutions that I didn’t even know I would need. That guy spotted a newbie from a mile a way. He was super nice and super helpful, and I suppose I don’t mind that I came home with slightly more stuff than I set out for. Besides now I know some things about the local water and nutrient upkeep that I didn’t before– Even after months of researching online!

I used a 2″ drill bit to cut the 8 holes in as uniform a circle as I could about 1/4″ from the outside edge of the lid. Then I cut a hole big enough to pull the pump’s cord & plug through, assembled the pump and sprayer, put it all together, added some water and plugged it in. Wow what a mess!!! I unplugged that bad boy just as quick as I could. After cleaning up, I put 8 discs into 8 net pots, which I then put into the holes in the bucket lid. There was much less sprayage. There was still some sprayage around the hole in the lid for the pump’s power cord, so I snugged the cord up with one of those 2″ neoprene disks and from then on most of the water stayed mostly inside the bucket where it belongs. The net pots fit a little loosely into the bucket lid holes and the water was pushing through at the edges. I could live with it, but SUBOPTIMAL!

When I told the folks at KnowESys what I was up to, they suggested that rather than using disposable 2″ net pots, I should use permanent lipped inserts that I can just drop 2″ neoprene disks with cuttings into. Since I have access to a 3D printer, they just sent me the file and I printed out 8 of them. Nice! The 3D printed inserts fit nice and tight so there’s no sprayage coming from the lid holes like I was experiencing with the net pots.

Whew! And I don’t even have any plants yet!

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